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Intergenerational Trauma

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2015 Provincial Conference

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Truth and Reconciliation Commission

FASD - Web Resources

Some great websites with information regarding FASD Prevention.

The first one on this list has educational modules that can be accessed, printed, shared and used for educational purposes FOR FREE!!! It is quite wonderful and is designed for those working with children and youth in the care of the child welfare system. The second on this list is really interactive and has tons of tremendous links to other helpful sites and resources.

Teen Suicide Prevention Kit

In 2009, in Canada, there were 145 male suicides (and a 12.6 per 100,000 suicide rate) in the 15-19 age range. For females, there were a total of 57 deaths (and a corresponding suicide rate of 5.2 per 100,000).These numbers rise sharply (especially for males) when they reach their twenties and beyond. Males reach a peak rate of 27 per 100,000 in the 40-44 age range with a recorded number of 337 deaths in 2009.

Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Resource Kit

First Nations (status and non-status peoples), the Inuit and Métis are collectively referred to as Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal people in Canada have some of the highest suicide rates in the world, but this is not true for all Aboriginal peoples. There are also many communities that have very low rates of suicide.

Historically, suicide was a very rare occurrence amongst First Nations and Inuit (Kirmayer, 2007). It was only after contact with Europeans and the subsequent effects of colonialism that suicide became prevalent.


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