CYCWAM Code of Ethics

Child and Youth Care is a Professional activity. Implicit in its practice are ethical principles, which prescribe the professional responsibility of Child Care Workers. Membership in this profession entails certain obligations. The primary objective of the Code of Ethics is to set down in general terms those obligations and specific duties that follow from them.

The Code of Ethics shall apply to all members of the Child and Youth Care workers Association of Manitoba and will form the basis for the acceptable conduct of its members.

Basic to the profession of child and youth care is the recognition of the value and dignity of every human being irrespective of origin, status, sex, age, religion, or beliefs. Child and Youth Care Workers have a responsibility to help individuals, families, groups, and communities, through the provision and operation of appropriate services and by contributing to social planning and action. Child and Youth Care has developed methods of practice, which rely on a growing body of knowledge and experience. The Child and Youth Care Worker acknowledges a professional obligation to increase his/her personal knowledge and skill, but also to contribute to the total body of professional knowledge.

The articles are expressed standards of Child/Youth Care practice which members of the CYCWAM are expected to observe. Should a member of the association fail to abide by the articles of the Code of Ethics, the Association may take disciplinary action. Such disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, suspension or expulsion from the association and posting, in a form deemed appropriate under the circumstances, of the disciplinary action being taken and the reason for it being taken.


Each member of the CYCWAM shall:

  1. Be aware of the rights of clients and shall avoid any action which violates these legal or civil rights or is inconsistent with the maintenance of the dignity and worth of clients and others who may be affected by the workers' professional action.
  2. Ensure clients are fully aware of their rights and of the policies and procedures of the agency or agencies involved.
  3. Help clients increase the range of choices open to them and their power to make decisions.
  4. Respect the individual's right to self-determination and choice, understanding that growth can only be chosen, never forced. Commit themselves to helping people understand and make responsible decisions for themselves.
  5. The Child and Youth Care Worker shall enter into and maintain a contract only if it will allow him/her to maintain his/her integrity. Where the demands of an organization on the Child and Youth Care worker go beyond reasonable conditions of employment possible ethical and personal conflicts may arise. When such conflicts occur, the Child and Youth Care Worker must clarify the nature of the conflict, inform all parties of the nature and direction of the loyalties and responsibilities involved, and keep all parties informed of their commitments.
  6. Recognize that advice and or collaboration with other professionals may be required to affect the best possible care for a particular client.
  7. Recognize their responsibility to ensure the accuracy of information and to indicate the soundness of recommendations forwarded to another person, agency, or the courts.
    • Recognize that information clearly entrusted for one purpose shall not be used for any other purpose without sanction from the informant.
    • The worker respects the privacy of clients and confidential information about clients gained in relationship with them or others, and will divulge such information only with the consent of the client or informant except; where there is clear evidence of serious danger to the client, worker, or other persons in the community. and/or where required by law.
  8. The Child and Youth Care Worker, when presenting a personal opinion, will indicate why he/she is doing so, and will maintain objectivity in his/her statements and discussions.
  9. Strive to utilize the most current and knowledgeable methods and techniques in order to provide quality service to our clientele. Recognize that this requires a commitment to ongoing training, research, and practice. Support the development and ethnical use of new methodologies.
  10. Not undermine the confidence of clients in other professionals, organizations, or institutions that adhere to similar policies and philosophies as those of the Association.
    Act in such a manner as to maintain the honour and prestige of the profession.
  11. Not intentionally, and will make every effort not to accidentally, compromise the C.Y.C.W.A.M. in any way or by any means. Should such a compromise occur, the member shall take it upon herself/himself to make right the situation utilizing whatever reasonable means are within the workers scope and abilities.


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